You have a great product or service, but now your business success lies in your marketing. Content should be the heart of your marketing strategy. Users are more skeptical than ever about marketing and sales messaging, looking instead to user review and influencers to help make decisions. By using 3rd party validation and influencers, you can support your claims around topics key to your business, while capitalizing on unbiased facts. Our Expert Speaker Services are designed to fit within your marketing activities and elevate your messaging with independent validation.

About our Expert Speakers

In today’s market, businesses often look to 3rd-party validation to help solidify their positioning. Our Expert Speakers can provide that validation. These on-location speaking engagements pull from our analysts own personal expertise and our primary benchmark research, and can be used as guest speakers at trade shows, conference panel moderators, session break-out instructors, and more.

How it works

Through a collaborative process, a topic is decided upon and our analyst will fly to your event to talk on that topic. From speaking on a general state of a market, to providing detailed best practices, we ensure that our analysts can fulfill your needs in whatever roles you need.

Interested in learning more? See an example below and reach out to our team to see exactly how we can help elevate your marketing and sales efforts.