You have a great product or service, but now your business success lies in your marketing. Content should be the heart of your marketing strategy. Through it, you’ll be able to educate and introduce your audience to new ideas, generate interest into a topic, or establish validation of a problem that businesses should be concerned about solving. Your content should be thought-provoking, inspire change, teach, and provide actionable, next-step recommendations. Content is most valuable as part of a multi-step campaign, and our VentanaCast videos are designed to fit into multiple stages within your campaign.

About our VentanaCasts

The Ventana Research VentanaCast allows you to access our research and expertise in a professional, studio-produced video format. We provide an intensive exploration covering a specific business and/or technology related issue with research facts and best practices that engage the viewer. It is designed both to educate and to explore best practices and paths to optimal performance.

How it works

We create video content specific to your needs and goals. We work with your team to develop the script, and then we produce a professional, studio-quality video on a mutually agreed upon topic that speaks to your audience using our expertise and only our own market facts. Your organization will have exclusive distribution rights to the video content created during the licensed period.

Interested in learning more? See an example below and reach out to our team to see exactly how we can help elevate your marketing and sales efforts.