Analytic Data Platforms

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2023 Vendor and Product Assessment

Analytic Data Platforms

As organizations strive to be more data-driven, increasing their reliance on data as a fundamental factor in business decision-making, the importance of the analytic data platform has never been greater. Analytic data platforms are designed to store, manage, process and analyze data across on-premises, hybrid and multi-cloud environments, enabling organizations to leverage data to operate with greater efficiency. Analytic data platforms support applications used to analyze the business, including decision support, business intelligence (BI), data science, and artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML). They include real-time analytics data engines, data warehouses and data lakes as well as the increasing convergence of data warehouse, data lake and data-streaming technologies.

Analytic data platforms play a fundamental role in enabling businesses to generate value from their accumulated data, supporting BI and data science initiatives that are used to evaluate the business with a view to increasing efficiency, as well as identifying and responding to new business challenges and opportunities. Without analytic data platforms, organizations would depend on paper records, time-consuming manual processes, and huge libraries of physical files to analyze business information.


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