Learning Management

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2023 Vendor and Product Assessment

Learning Management

The learning management system (LMS) technology market has evolved dramatically over the past two decades, accelerating exponentially as a result of shifts in employer and worker expectations that occurred during the pandemic and continue today. Learning management systems are an integral resource for any organization concerned with productivity, organizational agility and operational excellence. These technologies enable organizations to demonstrate an investment in people, as the LMS not only facilitates regulatory and legal compliance and other forms of cost and risk avoidance but also improves internal mobility, career growth and the employee experience, leading to improved productivity, engagement and retention.

As in years past, the LMS still provides easy access to a wide selection of job skill training programs, certifications and compliance-related written content and assessment. Beyond compliance, many organizations have placed new emphasis on learning, based on a combination of business requirements and workers’ desired career paths, focusing on identifying and closing skills gaps required for career development in alignment with future business needs. Many organizations have abandoned traditional, classroom-style learning in favor of asynchronous, self-paced e-learning. In addition, organizations are increasingly emphasizing learning the way it is actually achieved within business enterprises — informally, socially and within the flow of work. To engage learners more effectively and ensure they retain new information, organizations are embedding social collaboration, knowledge sharing, and gamification directly within the tools workers already access regularly, so that learning becomes a cultural norm rather than a separate destination.


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