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Emerson Earns Digital Leadership Award in Analytics with Domo for 2021

Posted by Ventana Research on Jan 6, 2022 5:00:00 AM

The annual Ventana Research Digital Leadership Awards recognize organizations and individuals that utilize technology to advance business and IT. The Digital Leadership Awards showcase the professional leadership and their use of business applications or technology that contribute significantly to improved efficiency, productivity and the performance of their organization. This prestigious award recognizes leaders and pioneers who have contributed to their organization’s success and championed improvements across their people, processes, information and technology.

Ventana_Research_14th_Annual_Digital_Leadership_Award_Winner-4Ventana Research has awarded Charles Larkin at Emerson using Domo its prestigious 2021 Digital Leadership Award in Analytics. This award recognizes the individual, organization and technology that best exemplifies leadership in any use or application of analytics across business and/or IT. All award finalists in analytics were considered for this prestigious award.

The need for organizations to operate smarter requires insights derived from analytics through process and technology. Analytics paired with data science advances the sophistication of the organization introducing techniques such as discovery, machine learning, predictive analytics and visualization. Accessibility is increasing through cloud computing, mobile technology and collaboration, making the data easier to consume by different mediums and natural language presentation formats.

Ventana Research selected Emerson for the 14th Annual Digital Leadership Award in Analytics for its ability to take complex data and simplify it to a valuable asset for the organization and its customers and partners. Emerson is a manufacturer of industrial, commercial and consumer cold chain products and works to keep businesses’ perishable products at the perfect temperature as they travel throughout the supply chain. The cold chain suppliers’ responsibility to maintain the quality of perishable products has always been important but using data related to the safe transport of goods throughout the world should be monitored and acted upon as needed. In order to deliver this critical service, cold chain suppliers need real-time traceability throughout the global perishable supply chain to keep food safe and even critical vaccines viable as they make their way from the lab to the pharmacy. Emerson’s cold chain business needed a way to better capture, analyze and share the raw data from its refrigeration products and IoT sensors.

Emerson chose Domo and was able to adapt its distribution network by effectively leveraging massive amounts of IoT data. Within a few short weeks, Emerson was able to pull together disparate data sources alongside IoT signals from its various refrigeration products and sensors — from on-premises inventory to in-transit temperature monitoring and monitor sensors no matter the time or location — and share that data with appropriate parties throughout the supply chain journey. This integration of modern BI and IoT makes it possible for Emerson to quickly go through the different architectures of its refrigeration systems, ensure end-to-end quality and eliminate technology downtime.

One of the biggest transformations from using the Domo platform has been the strengthening of Emerson’s customer relationships. Emerson uses its data to serve its customers smarter, learning from the data insights and tweaking systems and processes accordingly. Emerson is able to take data that has previously been presented from an engineering-oriented mindset and turn it into a simple solution to relay domain expertise in an easily digestible format so customers spend less time on manual tasks around gathering, preparing and distributing insights, and more time on the actions that would help improve their own business operations.

Domo technology allows Emerson customers to easily identify and fix any issues that arise, provide personalized recommendations to customers, improve services to fit customers’ unique needs and measure the real-time performance of systems. Through a highly personalized and interactive solution, Emerson’s customers are able to use Domo’s capabilities on their own to track and verify temperatures of their products across the supply chain, providing peace of mind that their goods are safe for further distribution.

Analytics is a software category in need of innovation and optimization. Domo addresses the challenges of making data available in the way that is needed for business. Organizations with the need to make analytics impactful will appreciate Domo’s flexibility in the collaboration and presentation of information inside and outside of the enterprise.

Organizations looking to maximize the value of its business and technology investments across its people and processes should consider how analytics can optimize its digital potential. If you have not examined how Domo can help your organization, it is well worth your time. Congratulations, Charles Larkin at Emerson, for your leadership.

Ventana Research offers expertise and research-based guidance on analytics to help organizations apply analytics technology to help derive its optimal value. Going beyond earlier methods of business intelligence, dashboards and reports is essential to ensure that everyone is able to not only access analytics, but act on them to optimize their business. Change is required to maintain competitiveness and to enable business resilience and analytic readiness to achieve the outcomes your organization deserves.

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