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Technology Trends in Financial Services Industry

Posted by Ventana Research on Sep 30, 2022 11:59:35 AM

The financial services industry has ample opportunity to innovate and transform how it operates through technology that adapts to its specific requirements. The advent of cloud computing is just a small step toward digital advancement that delivers necessary automation and business intelligence. The introduction of newer leadership roles like chief digital or chief innovation officers have helped increase prioritization of technology investments that truly enrich – and not just optimize – existing processes. At Ventana Research, we see three key trends taking shape that can transform the financial services industry.

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Business Trends for Financial Services Industry

Posted by Ventana Research on Sep 30, 2022 5:48:44 AM

The financial services industry is continuously challenged by economic indicators that impact the global environment and the necessary resilience every business desires. Gaining confidence in business continuity capabilities requires that business trends and requirements for successful outcomes are considered and acted upon. For financial services organizations, a steady focus on digital innovation and transformation is necessary to meet consumer and business demands, enabling the path to excellence in business processes and workforce readiness. Ventana Research has identified three key business trends every financial services group should address.

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