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From research guided by our team of leading industry experts, Ventana Research develops industry benchmarks as indicators of an organization’s maturity and guides them through key steps for improvement. Ventana Research has completed more than 120 research benchmarks that reach across organizational areas over ten thousand organizations. As a result, these benchmarks can be used as both guide and framework to provide you our benchmarkingassessment and education services. Our benchmark research examines the intersection of organizational functions from a business and technology perspective in finance, operations, customer, HR, sales and IT areas to identify points of friction and challenges in utilizing information and technology to manage performance.

To ensure a balanced and unbiased set of benchmark findings, the research universe consists of both the extensive Ventana Research community and social media channels and the broad reach of the company’s media partner network to millions of business and IT professionals. All our research provides in-depth analysis by size of organization and vertical industry. These benchmarks are a tool for understanding how your organization compares to market competitors and what needs to change.

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Benchmark Research Program Status (as of 03/21/2016)
An overview of our new benchmark research in analysis, collection or design.  

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