About the Benchmark

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Ventana Research has delivered the Benchmark Research into Next-Generation Learning Management. The research examined social learning in the broader context of human capital management, evaluated how and where social learning interacts with other HCM processes, and reviewed technologies such as performance management and recruiting. This research informs suppliers and buyers, educates the market, and provides guidance on the receptiveness of participants to new technologies and products.

Learning management is increasingly vital to businesses for training, compliance, onboarding and performance management. The new research examined the impact of and interest in six next-generation technological advancements on business use of learning management systems. It also examined how an intersection of technologies will impact an organization’s ability to keep employees engaged and trained to meet their responsibilities and career aspirations. This benchmark research identified the emerging uses of these new approaches to learning in businesses. It determined needs and identified best practices as well as dead-end approaches to be avoided. For more information on how to benchmark your organization's maturity and competency in people, process, information and technology using our research or how to use the Value Index, please contact  sales@ventanaresearch.com.