About the Benchmark

Compensation management is a critical part of human capital and talent management processes. Determining and providing the appropriate compensation for each person, whether it involves base pay, merit or variable pay and incentives or bonuses, is critical to being able to attract and retain productive members of the workforce – full- or part-time employees, contingent workers and contractors alike. However, the complexities of compensation can make more it difficult for human resources departments to keep employees productive, satisfied and motivated.

For more than a decade Ventana Research has been the only analyst and market research firm assessing the business needs of buyers and users along with vendors and their products. Our examination incorporates the people, process, information and technology factors that underlie the effective use of software and impact purchase decisions. Our Total Compensation Management research examines the needs and opportunities in organizations of more than 100 employees and US$100 million in revenue. An examination of the need for process and management changes in compensation programs are central to the research, along with examining what the finance and operations functions need to be able to support total compensation management. Download the executive summary to see the full scope of our Total Compensation Management research.