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Personalizing Compensation in Smaller Organizations

HR leaders and compensation managers are increasingly examining the potential business benefits of personalizing total rewards components. For smaller organizations these efforts are not overly complex, but as they grow to become mid-sized with more complex and varied compensation plans and approaches, the task of scaling personalization efforts changes. This is particularly the case as it relates to technology, data and analytics requirements, and is leading many organizations of 250 to 1,000 employees to reevaluate the compensation systems and tools they deploy.

It is worth the effort of pursuing effective rewards personalization due to its connection to improved engagement and productivity. It particularly makes sense as the seemingly ever- increasing competition for top talent impacts employee and candidate expectations. Both current and future employees expect to be treated as individuals, understood and valued, particularly in how they are compensated.


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About the Author


Steve Goldberg

VP and Research Director
Ventana Research

Steve Goldberg is responsible for the human capital management (HCM) research at Ventana Research. Steve guides HR and business leaders to manage their workforce to gain competitive advantage and value from their investments. He covers the major areas including candidate engagement, employee experience, HRMS, learning management, payroll optimization, talent management, total rewards management and workforce management.