Ventana Research 2016 Research Agenda

Ventana Research provides you the 2016 Research Agenda. Our analysts focused the agenda in each research practice to help you build the foundation for guidance and optimizing your business strategy through technology. By assessing and evaluating new tools and technologies, our research provides actionable information to help you identify opportunities for improved effectiveness, increase customer engagement and gain competitive advantage.

Ventana Research's guidance on Digital Technology Innovation examines how business can optimize and guide strategies and plans. A new generation of digital technology can provide the continuous optimization that transforms the way people and processes operate. This year's research agenda for will focus on:

  • Utilize digital technology for continuous optimization
  • Embrace innovative approaches to business and IT efforts
  • Assess new methods to compete and outperform competition

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Ventana Research's guidance on Business Analytics examines how big data and analytics drives competitive advantage while the new generation of technology changes the way analytics are shared and acted upon. This year's research agenda for will focus on:
  • Leveraging digital technology for continuous analytics 
  • Transitioning to collaboration and guided insight on analytics   
  • Advancing sciences of analytics and data for business and IT

Customer Technology
Ventana Research's guidance on Customer Technology provides insight into improving the customer facing activities to exceed customer expectations. This year's research agenda for customer technology will focus on:
  • Embracing customer engagement to improve customer experience
  • Utilizing technology innovation to understand and embrace customers
  • Optimizing customer lifetime value through applications and analytics


Office of Finance

Ventana Research's guidance on business and finance effectiveness provides advice on how information technology helps address today's key operating issues. This year's research agenda for the office of finance will focus on:
  • Applying financial management for consistently better results
  • Executing core business processes more effectively
  • Implementing change

Human Capital Management

Ventana Research's guidance on human capital management provides practical advice on how to utilize talent across the entire workforce by using technology to dramatically improve time and business value. This year's research agenda for human capital management will focus on:
  • Engaging workforce to maximize human capital management
  • Investing into HCM to retain workforce for improving results
  • Embracing applications and enable continuous optimization


Business of Sales and Marketing

Ventana Research's guidance to sales and marketing includes practical advice for improving the social collaboration and potential of sales and marketing to meet quotas and deliver the best possible experience. This year's research agenda for sales and marketing will focus on:
  • Unifing customer experience in sales and marketing processes
  • Adopting applications for renovating sales and marketing
  • Embracing digital technologies for continuous optimization
Ventana Research's guidance on big data and information optimization provides insights on the use of big data to drive competitive advantage along with new methods used to access and integrate information. This year's research agenda for big data and information optimization will focus on:
  • Develop big data competencies for continuous analytics
  • Embracing information optimization for time to big data value


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