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Benchmark Research and Dynamic Insights Research Partnership

For most organizations, understanding market trends from those that have adopted and use products and technology is not always as accessible or clear as it should be. Too many times, the opinions on the market can cloud the reality of what is really going on. Without visibility and the facts, market decisions related to marketing and sales and requirements for product roadmaps can be skewed. Market Research provides the facts and insights to the state and readiness of the industry.

About the Methodology

With two decades of experience in market research and a community of 100,000+ technology buyers across business and IT roles globally, we design and maintain continuous research programs using our methodology that ascertain the state of the industry across people, processes, information and technology. Our market research programs follow best practices for sampling and validation, to ensure the research represents qualified organizations for market trends by size and industry.


Market Research Benefits

Our continuous market research and research partnership program provides an opportunity for technology vendors to gain brand affiliation with our pre-defined expertise and focus area topics while gaining the empirical insights to guide your market efforts. Clients can use the research to assess and adapt their market positioning and messaging to ensure optimal results.


Gain insight on the reality of the market and gain actual facts on trends.


Compare your direction to needs of organizations and improve marketing, sales and products.


Associate your brand through investment into market research and insights to improve.

The research partnership program is available in a simple package that can be complemented by any of the educational digital products. The package includes the following:

  • Research report in the length needed to educate the market on the topic of the market research with facts and insights to guide organizations.
  • Client consultation and presentation to gain research-based insights to understand the state of the market to guide marketing, sales and product efforts.
  • Use of research charts and facts to be used in marketing and sales, boosting credibility and providing validation.

Research Partnership Program Deliverables

All organizations have different needs. Ventana Research offers a set of deliverables in the research partnership that provide market knowledge and research insights. We help vendors gain the most out of our continuous market research.




Research Report

You will receive a uniquely branded research external report with your logo that can be used in your marketing and sales efforts (12-month license). Optional Key Insights and Best Practices report can be licensed.


Research Charts

Advance your marketing efforts by utilizing professionally produced market research charts that represent key insights that support your point of view.

Research Consultation

In a one-hour consultation, our analysts will present the key insights and most important findings from the research to your team, providing guidance on how to improve your market efforts.


Research Facts

Elevate your market position by backing it up with research facts that can be extracted and used in your marketing and sales efforts in perpetuity.

Research Presentation

Beyond the research consultation presentation, you will receive an extended and detailed presentation with facts from the results of the market research.



Brand Awareness

Your brand and association will be added to the report, research landing page and social media promotions to our community. Your support provides market credibility and validates your efforts.



For more information on market research topics, please visit our Benchmark Research and Dynamic Insights.


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