Ventana Research Dynamic Insights

Get Immediate Recommendations Based on Your Current Practices

In today's business climate, staying ahead of the competition and on top of best practices can be a daunting task. For research and advisory firms, keeping up with an ever-changing market can be a challenge, one that ultimately impacts the validity of insights and recommendations. To combat this constant cycle of changing technologies, Ventana Research has developed the Ventana Research Dynamic Insights platform, a system that delivers ongoing insights on market trends and keeps best and worst practices up-to-date with continuous research, while providing immediate feedback to participants.

Using concise web-based surveys, the Ventana Research Dynamic Insights platform immediately provides research participants a dynamic assessment of their company’s efforts as well as research- and experience-based advice on potential next steps to improve. For our clients, this will expand their opportunity to get trusted and actionable research to support decisions ranging from prioritizing application and technology investments to what best practices are most relevant to the organization’s efforts. 

Ready to Start?

Select a Ventana Research Dynamic Insight below, take the short survey (<5 minutes), and receive immediate feedback on your people, processes, information, and technology. For more information about Ventana Research Dynamic Insights, or to see how to better utilize the research and findings in your organization, please contact us.

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In Development

  • Continuous Supply Chain
  • Digital Marketing
  • Finance Data Preparation
  • Open Digital Communication for the Enterprise
  • Process Mining
  • Product Experience
  • Revenue Analytics
  • Revenue Planning
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Work and Resource Management
Dynamic Insights
Sales and Operations Planning

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP, sometimes called Integrated Business Planning) is a management discipline that enables executives to assess trade-offs between multiple interdependent business components: demand and supply market opportunities, c

Dynamic Insights
Machine Learning

Machine learning is the application of specific data science algorithms that become more accurate as the system records more outcomes and processes more data that can result in people and technology being smarter and faster in their operations.

Dynamic Insights
Agent Desktop

Agent desktop systems are designed to enable contact center agents and those who interact with customers to handle interactions efficiently and effectively. Unifying the agent desktop helps simplify and speed interactions and improve the customer exp

Dynamic Insights
Data Lakes

Data lakes, also called data hubs, offer a way to manage big data and make it available for analysis. A data lake combines massive storage capabilities for any type of data in any format with the processing power needed to transform and analyze the d

Dynamic Insights
Employee Experience

Ventana Research believes all employees should have the sense that they are doing meaningful, productive work that is valued, have a clear understanding of their career trajectory and the employer’s support for it, and have a good work experience sup

Dynamic Insights
Sales Planning

Sales planning is essential to managing and improving sales performance. Without a planning process, sales metrics and key indicators will provide only historical context and not forward-looking visibility into your sales activities, impacting your a