Everyone Wins

Companies that have a subscription- or recurring revenue business model often find they have billing and revenue recognition issues. Dedicated billing software that manages the process from contract-to-cash gives allows sales greater flexibility to meet customer needs while cutting accounting workloads.

Research Fact

86% of companies that automate using a dedicated system are satisfied with their billing process compared to 40% that use spreadsheets.

Best Practice

Managing contract-to-cash in a dedicated system preserves data integrity. This allows companies to cut accounting workloads when data from multiple systems are combined in spreadsheets

Software designed specifically to manage subscription billing end-to-end makes companies more competitive without creating heavy accounting workloads to ensure every invoice is completely accurate. If you have or are planning to offer subscriptions, we can advise you on how to automate billing. We are vendor agnostic. Our guidance starts with your business objectives and connects them to the approach that best suits your needs.

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