Why you need Business Intelligence

Our expertise comes from our research that is not found anywhere else in the industry. It can help you make Business Intelligence impactful to your organization. Consider these insights as you look to assess and improve your Business Intelligence efforts.


Business intelligence produces insights from data to guide decision-making with an increasing variety of analytic, presentation and deployment techniques.

Research Fact

Analysts spend the bulk of their time on manual tasks such as preparing data for analysis (47%) and checking quality and consistency (45%) in the data rather than doing actual analysis

Best Practice

To maximize your ROI in visual discovery software, organizations must choose tools that fit particular roles and analytic skills of the individual business users and analysts.

Our guidance on Business Intelligence provides advice on how to embrace technology effectively. If you are ready to learn more on how we can help your efforts in Business Intelligence, check out our research below or reach out to us directly to get started on your journey to excellence.


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