Ventana Research Internships

Internship Program Mission


The Ventana Research University Internship Program strives to provide market research and technology career-minded students with experiential learning opportunities. The program is designed to align the student learning interest with that of the departments and processes of the firm. The work conducted by the intern will be similar to what an entry-level position would be at Ventana Research or that of a similar company in the market research or technology industry. The student will learn through formal and informal learning methods with the mentoring and tutoring of seasoned professionals.  

Internship Opportunity

The Program will provide an opportunity for interns to learn about Ventana Research and the team and processes that make an organization operate internally and to its market of clients. The roles for the internship program vary across many departments that could include the following: analyst, client success, finance, marketing, products and revenue teams. Exploring new areas of interest and participating in team projects is at the center of the University Internship Program. Each internship will also have the ability to participate in company meetings, provide updates on their work and to contribute to the success of Ventana Research. 


Value of Program


Our interns are able to apply their education and prior work experiences to ensure they are able to see the contributions made impact the firm and provide a valuable career learning experience. The University Internship Program also allows the opportunity to network with other like-minded interns and with the career professionals at Ventana Research. The success of a rewarding internship is also the success of the firm and we look for inquisitive and engaged University students who want to have an impact in their time as an intern. Resulting in an opportunity to have a valuable reference once graduated and pursuing a full time career position in the industry.  

The Class of 2022


Texas Tech

Abigail Martin

Revenue Team


NYU / Virginia Tech

Camryn Menninger

Marketing Team


George Fox

Nathaniel Cimbora

Marketing Team



Brooke Kimball

Marketing Team


University of Oregon

Luke Broering

Revenue Team


Sacramento State

James Veit

Analyst Team


George Fox

Max Hanson

Analyst Team


Indiana University

Chelsea Rutledge

Analyst & Marketing Teams


Texas Tech

Sam Reddell

Revenue Team