Vetana On-Demand Evaluation

About Ventana On-Demand

We created Ventana On-Demand to help businesses stay ahead of trends and maintain a sharp competitive advantage. With Ventana On-Demand, you will tap into a proactive team that provides guidance based on the latest research and market trends. Empower your marketing, sales, and product teams by giving them access to independent industry experts. Reduce your time spent trying to interpret the marketplace, and instead focus on adapting and anticipating market needs.

The challenge can be evaluating an Analyst Relations Service:

Needs to be done before start of budgeting conversations


Difficult to get all stakeholders together for the necessary meetings


Usually no clear plan on how to evaluate

About the Process

We created this process to help companies evaluate our VOD subscription. 
What can you expect:

We set up a clear timeline, so the evaluation is finished when it needs to be


Our evaluation is customized to your organization, so we have only the meetings we need


We work to ensures to involve all the relevant stakeholders

This process gives your company a ‘test run’ of our VOD service

The Next Steps

As part of the evaluation:



A 1-hour priority briefing to update our analyst on your company and focus areas for the future



A one-hour advisory session ($1,000 value) with one of our analysts



A meeting with your Account Director to review the breadth of our digital advisory services



A meeting to discuss, based on the evaluation, some recommendations moving forward



Regardless of choice, you will now have a dedicated partner available to help


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