About our Research

With every aspect of business evolving from running on gut decision to making choices founded in data, new challenges have grown out of it. While every business is unique, often the tools they turn to are broad solutions designed to work for a variety of customers. The result is an incomplete analysis and implementation, leading to dissatisfaction and loss. To better help both users and providers of technology, thorough, objective, and quantitative information about the gaps between the tools and usage can help both the users better align their people, processes, information, and technology to gain the most out of their investments, while vendors and sponsors of the research gain guidance on the areas of their products that need the most improvement and direct addressing.

About the Methodology

Based on more than a decade of research across 150,000+ technology buyers and users in business and IT roles globally, our research makes it possible for us to deliver unparalleled market insights, thought leadership and strategic guidance. Crafted from prior research and knowledge of technology systems, our objective research framework helps uncover trends in the market on software usage and adoption through a comprehensive questionare completed by technology users and validated for accurancy and assurance, uncovering gaps in product offerings and real-world usage. It is the basis for all the authoritative content produced, and as a result is thoroughly vetted to ensure the data collected reflects the actual condition of the market.


Using Benchmark Research

Our research sponsorship service provide otherwise unavailable research-based insights on technology buyers and users –
insights that enable you to optimize existing and new marketing, sales and product strategy efforts. These programs arm you with analyses and thought leadership that can significantly improve your effectiveness in educating your prospects, engaging customers, and closing deals.Our sponsorship services provides the following value:


Educate your prospects on the importance of your tools and how they solve widespread problems.


Engage customers on issues, provide solutions, and add value with best practices on their current implementations.


Demonstrate validation of your product and position your company as a resolutions to common problems.

Research sponsorship service is available in multiple packages that can include the following:

  • Promotion of support in associated social media posts, press releases, and research reports
  • Access to findings ahead of general publication
  • Reports and research charts for sales enablement and marketing promotions
  • Analyst consultations and research finding presentations to understand how the research impacts the market and drives improvement.

Our Benchmark Research Sponsorship Services

Beyond being named a sponsor of Ventana Research Benchmark Research, vendors can receive custom advise about the findings, along with licensing reports for promotional use. To fit with various budgets and needs, we provide multiple packages with various services.


Analyst Consultation

Have a direct discussion with the primary analyst covering the research topic on survey sample, methodology, findings, and implications.

Report Licencing

License a copy of the executive summary, key insights, or best practices with your company's branding to use in demand generation campaigns.

Chart Usage

License the facts and charts that are directly relevant to your product solution for use in social media promotion, on your website, and/or in blog posts. 



Report Examples


(Internal Use)




(For Promotion)




Best Practices Report
(For Promotion)




Key Insights Report
(For Promotion)




Executive Summary
(For Promotion)






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