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Five Ways to Improve the Employee Experience in Retail

Innovative Technologies Encourage Engagement and Satisfaction

Focusing on the Employee Experience

The employee experience is comprised of the interactions that employees have with their organization over the duration of their employment. Innovative retail organizations are focusing on the employee experience to help all employees excel at their jobs while feeling good about both their experiences at work and their contributions to the organization.

Employee experience matters. In our market research it was found that almost two-thirds (64%) of organizations said it was very important. Consumer technologies like mobile devices that many employees use in their personal lives can also help them feel engaged and be more productive at work. By effectively using these mobile devices, collaboration tools and social media as well as advances in cloud computing, AI and machine learning, retail organizations can increase the efficiency, effectiveness and engagement of employees in new ways such as increasing the speed at which they can share information through collaboration or improving process efficiency through mobile access to information. The market research finds that it is extremely important in over one-half of organizations (51%) to use technology to improve employee experience. However, what technology an organization uses is just as important since employee experiences are happening every minute of the workday.


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