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One HCM System for One Workforce

Addressing the Challenge of Managing U.S. and Canadian Employees

The Challenge of Cross-Border Payroll

When an organization operates in both the United States and Canada, it faces an additional layer of payroll-, HR- and even finance-related operational challenges. Country-specific payroll regulations make for challenging tax calculations and associated reporting, and typically have had the effect of ensuring that organizations separate payroll operations by country. Of course, maintaining dual payroll operations means duplicative investments in people, process, systems and data infrastructure.

This paper explores digital and automation advances in the payroll arena that can not only mitigate these business challenges but actually deliver competitive advantages. These advances include the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of machine learning for data pattern detection and algorithm-based predictive engines. As none of these capabilities were available for operational use as recently as a few years ago, what can be accomplished with these toolsets in addressing two-country payroll operations is just starting to become apparent.



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