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Modern Customer Analytics for
Customer Experience

Optimizing Real-Time and Intelligent Interactions

Modernizing Customer Experiences

Truly transformational value gains from optimizing customer experiences have yet to be realized. Even after decades of focusing on CRM as the main tool for improving customer relationships, organizations still struggle to fully understand their customers. Investments in contact centers have streamlined operations and increased the velocity of interactions across channels. Inbound calls are now fielded by human agents, machine agents (i.e., bots) or even both over the course of a conversation. Organizations must now pursue measurable improvements to the experience they provide to their customers.

A large hindrance to improving customer relationships is the lack of genuine knowledge about customer satisfaction. Traditionally, knowledge about the customer’s experience is gleaned from interactions with the customer after the interaction via survey feedback methods. But obtaining useful information in this way has drawbacks, including survey fatigue on the part of customers and a tendency for voluntary surveys to only capture sentiment that is strongly positive or negative. The opportunity today is to systematically and methodically ascertain customer satisfaction in ways that are more effective than surveys.



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