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Essential Requirements for an Analytics Platform

A Solid Foundation Builds Business Intelligence Success

The Continued Relevance of Fundamentals

Organizations collect vast amounts of data every day, utilizing business intelligence software and data visualization to gain insights and identify patterns and errors. Adoption of artificial intelligence with machine learning (AI/ML) and natural language presentation (NLP) continues to grow, with more than one-half of organizations using or considering those technologies. Democratizing analytics delivers data to all workers, improves collaboration and increases the return on investment for your business intelligence platform. And yet, despite all the advances made in analytics, our Data and Analytics Benchmark Research shows the majority of the workforce in the majority of organizations are not using analytics and BI. In fact, less than one-quarter (23%) of participants report that one-half or more of the workforce is using analytics and BI. Why is that?

Organizations report that the skills needed to transition to newer technologies are in short supply among workers. Training people to better understand data and analytics is complicated, and not always useful for workers who only ever interact with the final product. To operate smoothly given these challenges, organizations look to the fundamentals. Our research indicates that reports and dashboards (97% and 96%, respectively) are considered important to organizations and are already in use or will be within 12 months. With their ease of use and data governance capabilities, reports and dashboards remain the bedrock of analytics presentation.


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