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Empowering Line-of-Business Employees with Packaged Analytics Applications

Accelerate and Improve Business Decision-Making

Packaged Analytics for Business Impact

Line-of-business personnel in today’s organizations increasingly have high expectations for how they can use data as they carry out their responsibilities. They want contextual, role-specific information delivered to them at the optimal point of impact for the organization. To move beyond simply being data-driven, it is no longer enough to rely on analyses of what has happened in the past. To become analytics-driven, organizations also need forecasting and predictive analytics based on artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) capabilities. Business applications that include integrated analytic capabilities, typically referred to as packaged analytic applications, empower line-of-business leaders and staff to improve the quality of their operations and decisions, enable users to generate self-service insights and exploit the power of cloud-based software to reduce time-to-value.

To support these goals, organizations must consider the expanding area of packaged analytic applications and how to best provide these tools to business users while also freeing IT departments from repetitive, last-minute data requests.


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