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Cloud-Based Architecture for Data and Analytics

Preventing Silos and Maximizing Value

State of the Cloud Data and Analytics Market

Organizations today increasingly are choosing to store their data and perform their analyses in the cloud. Our research finds that almost one-half (49%) of organizations are already using cloud-based analytics systems, and data is being migrated to the cloud with almost five in six organizations (86%) either relying on the cloud today or expecting to rely on the cloud in the future for storage of the majority of their data. But the movement to the cloud is not a wholesale replacement for on-premises data and analytics infrastructure. In fact, our research shows most organizations will have a hybrid on-premises and cloud infrastructure. Accordingly, all organizations should be considering what role the cloud should play as part of their data and analytics architecture.

Compelling reasons exist for choosing to rely on the cloud for data and analytics. Cloud deployments offer flexibility, elasticity and simplicity of installation, management and administration. When applications reside in the cloud, responsibility for many of the installation, configuration and management maintenance functions shift to the cloud vendor. This reduces the organization’s in-house IT load, freeing up resources to enable IT to support other requirements of the lines of business.


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