Using analytics and insight to guide management and execution

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The need to optimize revenue from all buying and selling channels is essential for every organization that wishes to maximize their potential. To achieve it requires a dedication to have the insights that come from analytics applied to the sales channels that can help guide the sales organization from leaders, to managers and frontline staff, to align to the best opportunity to close deals.  

In this conversational webinar, hear from Stephen Hurrell, VP & Research Director of the Office of Sales at Ventana Research and Marko Savic, Director of Product Management for Varicent Funnel Cake.  

During this 30-min conversation you will learn: 

  • The relevance for applying analytics to gain insights for revenue operations  
  • What technologies are best used to help revenue operations be successful 
  • What best practices are best applied to help facilitate action for improvement 

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About the Speakers:


Stephen Hurrell

VP & Research Director, Office of Sales
Ventana Research

Stephen leads the expertise in Office of Sales and guides leaders in the applications and technology for buying and selling products and services to maximize revenue. The topics of coverage include digital commerce, price and revenue management, product information management, sales enablement, sales performance management and subscription management. Stephen’s uniquely diverse technology experience spans over 30 years, including leadership roles heading up product strategy across a range of data-driven applications in sales enablement, financial reporting and planning, and billing and monetization platforms. Stephen was General Manager at where he managed the C9 Analytics business, VP of Product and AI strategy at RecVue and held roles at Oracle, Exigen and Aviso. Stephen earned his BS in Economics from the London School of Economics. 

Marko Savic circle

Marko Savic

Director of Product Management
Varicent Funnel Cake

Marko Savic is author of The RevOps Framework and a sought-after thought leader in the Revenue Operations space. After spending nearly 15 years working for high-growth SaaS businesses, Marko identified a need for better way to operate. 

In 2015, Marko founded FunnelCake, a Revenue Operations Platform that dramatically improves pipeline performance, company alignment, and revenue efficiency for some of the fastest growing SaaS organizations in the world. 

In October of 2020, Varicent purchased FunnelCake to join their suite of Sales Performance Management products. Marko currently serves as a Director of Product for Varicent and is focused on helping customers drive efficient growth.