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Three Key Planning Deficiencies Impeding Successful Decision Making

Any crisis, whether worldwide or impacting a single organization, tests an executive team’s ability to seize a fleeting opportunity, address an existential problem or mitigate future risks. Global turmoil highlights the need for the financial planning and analysis (FP&A) group to quickly deliver action-oriented advice and analysis that enables executives and managers to confidently make data-driven decisions. To do so, many FP&A groups will find that using the right technology will enable them to streamline time-consuming tasks so they can concentrate on analysis and planning that supports actionable decision making.

Organizations must confront three critical deficiencies to improve their responsiveness to swiftly changing external conditions:


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About the Author


Robert Kugel

SVP and Research Director
Ventana Research

Robert Kugel is responsible for the Office of Finance and business research, focusing on the intersection of information technology with the finance organization and business. His research agenda includes the application of IT to finance and business process optimization, looking particularly at ERP and continuous accounting, financial performance management, predictive planning, price and revenue management, revenue and lease accounting and robotic finance.