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Optimizing the B2B Marketing Recipe for Success

The focus on B2B marketing success has become a significant opportunity to refine the planning, operations and market strategy, enabling performance and agility at a speed and intelligence previously thought impossible. The methods and processes used must be reexamined and should meet the requirements of business continuity as marketing operates in a more virtual and resilient manner. Improvement is always being addressed, but a renewed focus on the brand’s digital experiences and interactions is necessary for success. We assert that by the end of 2023, one-half of organizations will conclude they need to replace existing marketing automation technology for a better digital experience. The reason is that marketing technology today can dynamically and autonomously adapt and operate alongside the buyer’s journey. This transition to focusing on the experience and truly becoming digital is the enlightenment the industry has needed. Marketing will be able to refocus its efforts on a variety of existing and new effort as the ingredients for the new recipe for achieving the outcomes desired by the CMO, marketing department and the entire organization.

Marketing organizations, no matter how virtual they operate at any given time, need to embrace the full range of opportunities available to them in the digital environment. Organizations can now bolster their efforts by using customer data for marketing optimization, and by listening to digital demand signals and appropriately responding with personalized content that encourages the buyer to click and engage. These opportunities are vital to supporting interactions with marketing, and inevitably to the sales and, hopefully, the purchasing process. This level of response agility can empower marketing to play a more direct role in the revenue requirements of the organization.


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About the Author


Mark Smith

CEO and Chief Research Officer
Ventana Research

Mark Smith, is the CEO and chief research officer of Ventana Research and drives the company’s global research agenda. Mark is an expert in enterprise software and business technology innovations including the business areas of customer experience, sales and marketing. Mark covers the digital technology innovation areas of artificial intelligence, business analytics, big data, bots and natural language processing, collaboration, Internet of Things, mobile technology and wearable computing.