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The New Age of Employee Engagement Technology

Organizations must operate with agility to survive and thrive during periods of change and uncertainty. The modern business environment features fluid challenges and opportunities, particularly those related to the workforce and the organization’s strategic business goals and priorities. Changing conditions might also stem from factors internal to the organization, such as launching a new line of business, pursuing a major digital transformation initiative or deploying labor and other corporate assets in different ways.

At the center of any change initiative are employees who may be asked to take on roles they are only partially equipped to handle. Agility cannot be looked at separately from the needs, interests, goals and daily experience of the organization’s primary source of competitive advantage—its people. Knowing when and why worker attitudes and commitment levels are shifting, due to any number of factors, is simply good for business.


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Mark Smith

CEO and Chief Research Officer
Ventana Research

Mark Smith is the CEO and chief research officer of Ventana Research and drives the company’s global research agenda. Mark is an expert in enterprise software and business technology innovations including the business areas of customer experience, sales and marketing. Mark covers the digital technology innovation areas of artificial intelligence, business analytics, big data, bots and natural language processing, collaboration, Internet of Things, mobile technology and wearable computing.