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Unlocking the Value of Telemetry Data with Observability Pipelines

The potential value of telemetry data is well understood. Monitoring and analyzing the data generated by computing infrastructure—including servers, networking equipment, IoT and applications—can help organizations identify issues and ensure their systems are operational, secure and performing as expected. Observability platforms provide dedicated environments for monitoring telemetry data and measuring the state of computing infrastructure. By monitoring and analyzing telemetry data in the form of logs, traces and metrics, organizations can detect issues and act faster to remedy failures and performance problems.

The benefits of analyzing telemetry data are not limited to ensuring infrastructure remains operational, secure and performant, however. Modern organizations are almost completely dependent on their applications and infrastructure, whether on-premises or in the cloud. For example, the applications and infrastructure a logistics company uses to provide information about stock levels, deliveries and customers are just as mission critical as its trucks, loading equipment and drivers.


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Matt Aslett

VP and Research Director
Ventana Research

Matt leads the expertise in Digital Technology covering applications and technology that improve the readiness and resilience of business and IT operations. His focus areas of expertise and market coverage include: analytics and data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, blockchain, cloud computing, collaborative and conversational computing, extended reality, Internet of Things, mobile computing and robotic automation.