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Scalability and Flexibility Critical to the Modern Data Warehouse

Today’s fast-paced world requires responsiveness in all types of interactions with customers, prospects, partners and employees. Organizations must be able to respond in the moment or risk missing the opportunity altogether. To do this, the systems and process an organization has in place must be agile enough to deal with the constant changes it faces. And, with the volumes of data that organizations process today, they must be able to access data in place to enable analysis and exploration without requiring the data be moved or copied.

Given this increasing reliance on data, I’ve identified five key requirements for modern data warehouses to assist organizations in the effective planning and selection of related technologies. The five key requirements are responsiveness, agility, access to data in place, cost-effective scale and flexible deployments. In this viewpoint, I will drill down on cost-effective scale and flexible deployments since these are often challenges for many organizations.


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About the Author


David Menninger

SVP and Research Director
Ventana Research

David Menninger is responsible for the overall direction of research on data and analytics technologies at Ventana Research. He covers major areas including artificial learning and machine learning, big data, business intelligence, collaboration, data science and information management along with the additional specific research categories including blockchain, data governance, data lakes, data preparation, embedded analytics, natural language processing (NLP) and IoT.