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Build An Actionable Profitability Management Initiative

How to Harness the Right Software and Data


Everyone running a business knows that the bottom line is the bottom line. But how does your company manage profitability? There’s an important distinction between managing to profit objectives and what Ventana Research calls “profitability management.” Setting profit objectives is what most companies do, but profitability management is a means of achieving higher profitability in a more sustainable way. Profitability management enables companies to be more effective in dealing with competitors’ actions, shifts in demand and factor cost changes such as commodity prices.

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Robert Kugel

SVP & Research Director, Office of Finance
Ventana Research

Robert Kugel is responsible for the Office of Finance and business research, focusing on the intersection of information technology with the finance organization and business. His research agenda includes the application of IT to finance and business process optimization, looking particularly at ERP and continuous accounting, financial performance management, predictive planning, price and revenue management, revenue and lease accounting and robotic finance.