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Expanding Your Analytics Audience

Make Information More Accessible with Natural Language Query

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In an ideal world, all employees serving across all job functions would be able to access and analyze all the information they need with ease. Unfortunately, today most analytics technologies still require specialized skills and expertise. As a business intelligence industry we try to overcome these obstacles by making self-service analysis easier with improvements to the user interface and streamlined processes. But we know that analysis, by nature, is complex and requires data literacy and skills.

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David Menninger

SVP & Research Director, Data and Analytics
Ventana Research

David Menninger is responsible for the overall direction of research on data and analytics technologies at Ventana Research. He covers major areas including artificial learning and machine learning, big data, business intelligence, collaboration, data science and information management along with the additional specific research categories including blockchain, data governance, data lakes, data preparation, embedded analytics, natural language processing (NLP) and IoT.