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Delivering Value with Packaged Analytics

Improve Decision Making with Pre- built Departmental Analytics, Reports and KPIS

Delivering Value with Packaged Analytics

All organizations are becoming data driven today. The key question is how to use your data to improve your bottom line. Organizations need to look beyond the data from a single department and instead combine data from across the organization (and from other external sources) to enable more thorough analyses and more accurate insights.

Because this data is so valuable, you have to make it easy to access and perform these types of analyses. Nearly three quarters of participants in our research report that it’s important to package analytics into applications. Delivering analytics capabilities within software applications for departmental functions will ensure they are a standard part of your processes.

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David Menninger

SVP and Research Director
Ventana Research

David Menninger is responsible for the overall direction of research on data and analytics technologies at Ventana Research. He covers major areas including artificial learning and machine learning, big data, business intelligence, collaboration, data science and information management along with the additional specific research categories including blockchain, data governance, data lakes, data preparation, embedded analytics, natural language processing (NLP) and IoT.