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The Imperative for Integrated Planning

The Power to Maximize Performance

Effective Planning Produces Better Decisions

The purpose of planning is not planning; it is decision making. And the purpose of reimagining operational planning as a continuous, connected process is to deliver business value, making these processes faster, more agile and more intelligent so that contributors from across the organization can make better data-driven decisions faster and more consistently. The right technology makes it possible to design more efficient and effective methods for business planning that maximize productivity using a new generation of powerful, capable tools that are user-friendly for line-of-business personnel.


Delivering a superior employee experience is increasingly viewed as essential to attract and retain high- quality talent in today’s competitive marketplace.

Business Intelligence (BI) tools can provide a modern foundation that extends the value and power of spreadsheets being used for planning and analytics. For example, analytics technologies like Microsoft Power BI and SAP HANA can add value to planning spreadsheets being used by enabling data write-back for future time periods. Power BI is a set of software services, applications and connectors that make it possible to link people, processes and data at a large enterprise scale. It was designed to make the capabilities of a powerful business intelligence tool available to a wider audience.


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