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The Employee Experience Lens in HR Technology Selection

Focus on Employee Needs to Elevate Business Performance

The Employee Experience, Simply Put

We define the employee experience (EX) as the full extent of what employees do, feel and think about while at work or performing their job. Core factors that affect the employee experience include organizational culture, interactions with colleagues and management, the use of technology and digital tools, and avenues for career and professional growth. It is our view that today's organizations must deliver a rich, relevant and frictionless employee experience in order to achieve optimal workforce performance and to attract and retain top talent.

In large measure the preconditions for the employee experience revolution are in place. Incremental efficiency gains in HR processes achieved via technology have mostly been captured. Organizations that are focused on maximizing the value derived from their HR technology already standardize administrative process steps, use technology to automatically trigger workflows, deploy extensive employee and manager self-service tools and manage exceptions with analytics dashboards. Many medium- and large-sized companies therefore have moved on to using technology for more strategic HR endeavors such as linking performance to rewards and learning management or using competencies to ensure workers are hired, evaluated, rewarded and developed based on what the business truly needs.


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