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The Digital Future of Human Capital Management

Intelligent Cloud Platforms Promise to Revolutionize the Employee Experience

Digital Technology and HCM

A new generation of digital technologies is extending human capital management (HCM) systems, making them simpler and more productive than ever before. Our benchmark research into next-generation human resources management systems (HRMS) shows that deployment and optimal use of these emerging technologies have become a priority for all organizations considering improving the performance of their HRMS.

Cloud computing, for example, facilitates faster onboarding and configuring of applications, while smartphones and tablets make it simpler to provide access so that workers can update personal information themselves or receive notifications about the training they need. Mobile technology also can enable managers to easily monitor from anywhere workforce efficiency and effectiveness and the impacts of workforce changes. Deploying analytics and big data enables organizations to generate and evaluate metrics more easily to guide operations and decision-making and hit performance targets, and machine learning provides tools that analyze how people behave and then make recommendations to adapt applications and processes to suit user preferences and task responsibilities. Finally, technology-mediated collaboration enables individuals and teams to easily discuss matters of importance within the context of the HRMS, empowering individuals to discuss and adopt collaboratively better ways to accomplish tasks and hit targets.


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