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Putting Customer Conversations to Work

Interaction Analytics and AI Enhance the Customer Experience

Analyzing Customer Interactions

Customers have conversations across the organization. They interact with people in Sales, Service, Support and in some cases even with an organization’s products or services via smart speakers. While our research confirms that the telephone is still the most widely supported customer-engagement channel, other forms of verbal and digital interactions are growing at a rapid pace.

To assist organizations with management of these interactions, speech analytics technology is currently being used by more than one in five companies. According to our benchmark research into customer analytics, a further 36 percent also plan to deploy it within the next two years. Applied to customer interactions ranging from calls, chats and email to customer service websites and social media, this technology can provide significant value to organizations. By analyzing words and phrases within interactions, organizations can discover trends and patterns they might not otherwise detect. And they can more easily categorize calls so that issues are resolved quickly, reducing call durations and ultimately call volumes.

Analysis of conversations with customers also can help identify potential product improvements and guide product management. And of course, organizations can use speech analytics to monitor agent performance to fine-tune training and reduce agent turnover; our research shows that improving the agent quality-monitoring process is the most commonly used approach to improving customer engagement. Speech analytics can make this process more practicable and effective.


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