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Contact Center Software Buying Advice

Why Small and Mid-Sized Organizations Should Invest in CCaaS Now

The Small and Mid-Sized Business Dilemma

No matter how large or small an organization may be, customers will judge it by the quality of service it delivers. But for small and mid-sized businesses (those with between 30 and 300 contact center seats), the stakes are often higher: they must compete against larger rivals that have had deeper resources to build advanced contact centers over time. The complexity and cost of traditional contact center systems have been barriers for many organizations that strive to compete with (or outperform) larger peers.

When customer interactions were primarily via voice calls, smaller businesses could make do with less feature-rich versions of standard call routing and agent management tools. But as the modern consumer has migrated to a mobile-centric, multichannel posture, contact centers need more sophisticated systems to manage these more complex interactions. If they do not keep up with the technology, they risk creating the impression among their customers that they cannot deliver excellent experiences as well as their larger competitors.


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