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The Case for Buying vs. Building an Embedded Analytics Platform

An Efficient Approach for Better Results

Embed Analytics for Efficiency

For decades, analytics have been separated from the business processes they are intended to support, primarily because productivity tools and applications that help workers complete their tasks have required IT intervention. Since the very purpose of analytics is to support operational and strategic decision-making, these applications need to be more closely associated with or embedded into the day-to-day activities of line-of-business workers to increase effectiveness. Our research confirms this, as nearly three-quarters of organizations (72%) consider embedded analytics to be important.

Analytical insights should be personalized and adapted to individuals and business processes rather than the other way around. Organizations often provide standard analytical tools that do not allow for modification across different business processes. This standardization typically forces individuals to adjust how they work in order to use the tools, which in turn hinders productivity and innovation. Other organizations create custom-coded applications to meet the specific requirements of various business processes, but this often requires too much time and money to roll out effectively. Since neither of these methods work very well, organizations should consider investing in an existing platform rather than trying to build custom solutions from scratch.


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