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Embed Analytics for More-Informed Decisions

Make Self-Service a Reality

Embedded Analytics Enables Self-Service

Self-service analytics is a goal for most organizations, but in many cases it has not become a reality. Just two out of five organizations (40%) report that users can analyze data without the assistance of IT. Yet those who are able to operate without IT are both more confident in (77% vs. 44%) and more satisfied with (74% vs. 58%) their analytic abilities. Applications with integrated analytics enable users to be more self-reliant, which benefits organizations because reducing users’ dependence on IT reduces costs and can also enhance results.

Analytics embedded within line-of-business applications can eliminate the need for time-consuming and complicated data-preparation processes. Data preparation is the process of combining data from different sources and transforming it into a format that is suitable for analy-sis. More than half (55%) of organizations said data preparation is where in the analytics process they spend the largest amount of time. Line-of-business employees often find themselves chal-lenged when doing data preparation because to derive meaningful insights they often must draw from multiple data sources. Embedded analytics enable users to spend more time analyzing data and less time searching for, extracting and preparing it.


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