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Subscription and recurring revenue models are proving to be the way forward for many of today’s organizations. But what challenges arise for the Office of Finance as companies shift toward this way of doing business? How can organizations harness the benefits of recurring revenue while addressing the challenges it brings compared with traditional models? What role does technology have to play in making this transition? 

Join Robert Kugel, SVP & Research Director for the Office of Finance practice at Ventana Research, and Zuora’s Yash Mahajani, Product Marketing Manager, as they answer these questions and more in a discussion focused on this cutting edge of Revenue Management.

Watch the on-demand replay to learn: 

  • Key opportunities and challenges associated with recurring revenue for the accounting and finance teams. 
  • How the “Continuous Accounting” approach addresses these challenges. 
  • Why deploying the right technology is an important key to success for organizations making this shift.

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About the Speakers


Robert Kugel

SVP & Research Director
Ventana Research

Rob leads the Office of Finance and business research focusing on the intersection of information technology with the finance organization and business. His expertise agenda includes the application of IT to finance and business process optimization – particularly business planning, continuous accounting, ERP, price and revenue management, revenue, lease and tax accounting and robotic finance.


Yash Mahajani

Product Marketing Manager

Yash is a Product Marketing Manager at Zuora with extensive experience in quote-to-revenue applications as well the SaaS and IoT industries. He’s helped Zuora launch some of its most impactful product innovations, including Real-Time Revenue for Zuora Revenue and the company’s first ever AI application, Zuora Collect, which won Ventana Research’s 2021 Digital Innovation Award and was selected as a finalist for Product Marketing Alliance’s 2021 Product Launch of the Year.