Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 3.01.44 PMPlan with action, agility and accuracy

Continuous planning is a highly collaborative, action-oriented approach to corporate planning and budgeting built on frequent, short planning cycles. This style of planning is designed to support senior executives by improving performance and aligning all business units to company goals and strategic objectives. Continuous planning incorporates innovative planning techniques including:

  • Integrated financial and operational planning
  • Driver-based modeling and planning
  • A rolling-time horizon

Continuous planning enables organizations to enhance the relevance and accuracy of their plans for three reasons. One is that this is an integrated operational and financial plan rather than a budget. The second is that it is high-participation planning, which creates a single, integrated view of individual departmental or business-unit plans. The third is that plans are created and updated frequently using very short cycles with a rolling-time horizon focused on key drivers rather than a highly detailed, time consuming bottom-up process. Gain these benefits, download the ebook now!