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Agile Analytic Applications in the Cloud

Expanding the Reach and Value of Data

Expanding the Reach and Value of Analytics

Analytics are vital to an organization’s ability to communicate, operate efficiently and gain a competitive advantage. And yet, 77% of organizations report that just one-half or less of their workforce use analytics. Why is this? For many, the analytics process can be cumbersome, inefficient and can require too many resources unless it is streamlined. Embedding analytics into every-day applications addresses some of these challenges by connecting all systems—from pricing to recruiting and beyond—so changes can be implemented efficiently and automatically. This clearly adds value for organizations: according to our Analytics and Data Benchmark Research, three-quarters of organizations (73%) consider embedded analytics important to their analytics and data efforts. Embedded analytics should be deployed as part of an approach that includes investments into technologies that make analytics easier to use.

The next significant leap forward in analytics technology is the integration of artificial intelligent and machine learning (AI/ML) and natural language capabilities. However, AI/ML skills are lacking in many organizations, with only 23% of organizations citing that they have skilled resources in place, so help is needed to take advantage of these capabilities. AI/ML-assisted analyses can guide individuals as they examine the data in their organizations, and no special expertise is required to use these tools. This is leading to growing adoption of AI/ML and natural language presentation, with more than 80% of organizations using or considering using those technologies.


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