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Winning in the New Era of Trade:

Achieving Supply Chain Agility in Today’s Challenging Regulatory Environment

Agile Supply Chain Management is Key

CEOs, CFOs and other senior executives of organizations with even moderately complex multinational supply chains must face the challenge of ensuring they are able to manage their supply chains both tactically and strategically.

The proliferation of SKUs, the abundance of commerce channels and ever-increasing reliance on contract manufacturers are among an array of factors that are making supply chain management more difficult. Along with these challenges, we see a more uncertain trade environment, unprecedented market volatility and the impacts and costs of ongoing legal, regulatory and taxation changes. Each of these factors makes it harder for organizations to make good sourcing, purchasing and production decisions at a pace that maintains market share and profitability and achieves performance targets—in other words, to be agile in supply chain management.

Having a well-thought-out strategic plan and execution workflow can help a company better meet delivery promises while managing to profitability objectives, but accomplishing this can be difficult. Our Next-Generation Business Planning benchmark research finds that only 35% of companies with 1,000 or more employees say they can react rapidly to changing market conditions.



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