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2021 Vendor and Product Assessment

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For almost two decades, Ventana Research has conducted market research in a spectrum of related areas including business planning, data preparation, machine learning, data and analytics in the cloud, natural language processing, and big data analytics and integration. We have also examined the expansion of analytics through the use of cloud computing, mobile and advanced analytics as well as how analytics and data products use collaboration capabilities, social media techniques and location-related analytics. The findings of these research undertakings contribute to our comprehensive approach.

This report on the Analytics and Data Value Index is the distillation of a year of market and product research efforts by Ventana Research. It is an assessment of how well vendors’ offerings will address buyers’ requirements for analytics and data software. The index is structured to replicate an RFI/RFP process by incorporating all criteria needed to evaluate, select, utilize and maintain technology, and maintain relationships with vendors.

In this Value Index, Ventana Research evaluates the software in seven key categories that are weighted to reflect buyers’ needs based on our expertise and research. Five are product-experience related: Usability, Manageability, Reliability, Capability and Adaptability. In addition, we consider two customer-experience categories: Vendor Validation, and Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment (TCO/ROI). To assess functionality, one of the components of capability, we applied the Ventana Research Value Index methodology and blueprint, which links the personas and processes for Analytics and Data to an organization’s requirements.

Unlike many IT analyst firms that rank vendors from an IT-only perspective or consider futures or vision over what is available in the products today, Ventana Research has designed the Value Index to provide a balanced perspective of vendors and products that is rooted in an understanding of business drivers and needs. This approach not only reduces cost and time but also minimizes the risk of making a decision that is bad for the business. Using the Value Index will enable your organization to achieve the levels of efficiency and effectiveness needed to use Analytics and Data.


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