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Activating Intelligence for HCM

Using People Analytics to Generate Personalized Insights

Effectiveness of Human Capital Management

The Rise of Human Capital Management over the last five years has introduced new opportunities to have a more centralized and process-driven approach. People are the center of every organization, and the experiences—positive or negative—of the workforce will affect the level of human engagement that can be achieved. It will determine whether everyone, from seasoned company leadership to the newest hire, will reach their shared expectations. Organizations must empower HR and managers to guide their workforces effectively, fostering every opportunity to maximize individual employee experience. Ventana Research asserts that by 2024, one-third of organizations will be using adaptive Human Capital Management (HCM) systems that can respond in real time to broad-based data signals and triggers by alerting and nudging relevant stakeholders for optimizing HR-related policies. Organizations that harvest the value inherent in HCM will ensure that they reach their full potential today and into the future. HR organizations should ensure that investments into HCM meet the needs of the organization and the workforce.

Gaining intelligence about the workforce is a key driver for every HR and business leader to better understand how to retain talent and guide the organization to be effective in their people-related efforts. Organizations can maximize the potential of their workforce by building insights into how workforce systems operate, putting every individual on a path to develop skills through digital learning and engaging everyone’s career potential by unifying the information hidden within the recruiting process, retention mechanisms, and in compensation and performance reviews. This requires blended data from multiple sources used not just to understand efforts, but to predict outcomes. When this information is shared in collaboration, organizations can harness that energy to ensure that every individual reaches their full potential. By 2024, one-half of organizations evaluating people analytics offerings will require prescriptive guidance with actionable insights for quantifiable HCM impact.


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