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Innovation Needed in Enterprise Mobility for Business

Smart Investments Today Provide a Path to Success

The Imperative for Enterprise Mobility

Mobile devices have become part of our lives. Two-thirds of the world’s population is connected via one of these devices and 2017 saw more than 5 billion mobile subscribers around the world, according to the trade organization GSMA. It estimates that by 2020, new smartphone users will account for 66 percent of new global connections, up from 53 percent in 2017. Without question, Apple iOS and Google Android devices provide radically simplified access to technology people have come to rely on, and easily down-loaded applications have become an increasingly well-traveled path to engaging consumers.

These devices now are also an established tech-nology platform for business, offering new ways for work to be more productive and engaging. Busi-ness users want and increasingly expect their working environment to mirror their consumer life, offering a simple, user-friendly experience, one where all the applications and information they need is readily available. It thus is not surprising that organizations have incorporated these mobile device s into their enterprise so that workers can use them in busines


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