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Make Finance and Accounting Cool

Technology Can Make the Department More Strategic

Make Finance and Accounting Cool

Let’s make finance and accounting cool. Wait — cool? Yes! Let the department liberate the rest of the company by cutting down on tedious and unnecessary administrative tasks. Let’s automate the time-consuming work that keeps people in the department from being more productive. Let’s reduce the chance of billing errors that can annoy customers or reduce revenues. Let’s minimize the risk of unintended material errors occurring in financial statements. Let’s make sure that executives and managers have rapid, easy access to up-to-the minute information to support agility in responding to opportunities and issues.

How? Technology. Not whiz-bang, futuristic technology but practical, proven and affordable software designed specifically to meet the demanding needs of midsize companies. Of course, technology by itself won’t make accounting cool. There are people, process design and process management aspects that departments must address. But technology — especially the core financial management or ERP system — can be the catalyst that makes all the above possible, practical and within reach of any midsize company. And that technology can be more affordable, more manageable and easier to use than you and your department might think.


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