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Human Capital Analytics Drives Strategic Business Decisions:

Gaining Insights into the Talent Management Process

Managing Human Capital Information

In today’s intensely competitive markets, managers can’t rely on decisions based completely on gut feelings without running the risk of making wrong decisions that are costly in terms of both money and expertise. Instead they need high-quality information about their workforces that guides them in recruiting and retaining the best people and maximizing the productivity of all their employees. Analytic tools can help produce this information by enabling the specification of desired capabilities, using them to evaluate candidates, diagnosing problems and predicting the best next steps. Such an approach can provide decision-makers with insights about work groups and individuals that will enable them to engage, support and motivate their employees to further the organization’s business goals. Nearly three in four (71%) senior decision makers who use analytics find that it helps them improve the efficiency and productivity of their organizations.

The road to human capital analytics is not always easy, though; most organizations encounter impediments along this path. A major obstacle is the availability and quality of the information they use. That’s because typically organizations store their human capital data in a heterogeneous array of dispersed systems and formats, making collecting and using it a challenge.



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