Best Practices for Developing Timely Business Insights

"Organizations today must utilize many kinds of information to refine their strategy and make smart decisions. Typically this information is stored in a multitude of ready-to-use formats and locations – in-house in enterprise systems, remotely, on the Internet or elsewhere. But despite this information-rich environment, users often have difficulty collecting all the information they need quickly, cost-effectively and in contexts in which they can understand and use it.

Intensifying the situation, our latest benchmark research on trends in information management confirms that data volumes are growing rapidly, and content, reports and other documents are proliferating at similarly high rates. Conventional structured data such as is found in transaction systems grew more than 30 per-cent in the last year in 17 percent of organ-izations and grew 10 to 30 percent in two-thirds of them. Unstructured data (including website pages, social media postings, print files, text reports and PDFs) expanded even faster, growing more than 30 percent last year in 29 percent of organizations and more than 20 percent in 26 percent of them."